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Capt. Bob’s Custom Saltwater Flies

Capt. Bob Paccia is a custom fly tyer and fly tying instructor. He has been tying freshwater flies, saltwater teaser flies, (for surf fisherman) and saltwater flies for over 50 years. Custom flies are very different from regular commercial flies in that they are carefully hand tied using only top quality materials and crafted to look and function as if they were a live baitfish. Each group of materials are carefully wrapped with a specific number of thread turns then cemented. The cementing of each stage of fly tying is very important as the flies will now hold up under to a lot of casts and hook-ups. The secret here is that if you have a particular fly that is for whatever working well for you, you’ll want it to last as long as possible. Most commercially tied flies are not made to last. We’ve even seen some beautifully looking commercial flies that come back after the first cast lacking any color at all. The dyes in the tying material was not color fast…

Although Capt. Bob ties and uses all types and sizes of saltwater fly patterns, he is widely known as the “Big Fly Guy”. He has always agreed with the “Big Bait, Big Fish” theory. Big flies range from 6 to 13 inches. Some people have joked that sometimes it looks like he’s casting a bantom rooster on the end of his leader, but there’s no joke when he hooks up to a big fish.

Often times someone will show him a new fly that they bought or tied, his next question is always the same, “How does it cast and how does it look in the water?” Flies have to be carefully tested for castability and lifelike swimming action. If the fly doesn’t cast easily, you probably won’t use it. If the fly doesn’t swim natually, the fish won’t use it. It’s that simple…


Capt. Bob’s Custom Flies

IMGP0145Bend-back American EelAlewives

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